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A Political AsideFebruary 2, 2011
I promised myself years ago that this site would remain apolitical and that it would never contain advertisements but the recent actions of the Canadian government (Canada being the country of origin for this site) has really got me pissed off with their complicity in instituting usage based billing for internet access in this country. The ruling by the CRTC effectively reduces this country to 4 telecom companies and crushes competition from the independent ISPs. The little guy in this country is being shit on by big government and we are expected to just take it. I sense a change in this country's government in the near future. Hands off our internet!!!!! So much for remaining apolitical.

Posted by: Godvalve
Congratulations!January 26, 2011
jimbo00000 has just written in to let us know that he has just received a job offer based on the demos he created for the Demo Challenge and so he will not be submitting demos to future challenges. We will all miss jimbo00000 and wish him the best of luck in his new job! Congratulations Jimbo!
Posted by: Godvalve
Happy New Year!January 3, 2011
The official results for November's Demo Challenge are as follows:
  • 1st place - jimbo00000
  • Congratulations and special thanks to everyone who voted.

    Thanks goes out to jimbo00000 for submitting an excellent demo to December's challenge and for being a regular contributor. Check it out if you haven't already and remember to vote.
    Posted by: Godvalve
    Congratulations to October's Demo ChallengersDecember 6, 2010
    The official results for October's Demo Challenge are as follows:
  • 1st place - jimbo00000 (23 pts)
  • 2nd place - Mainstream256 (21 pts)
  • Congratulations to both of you and special thanks to everyone who voted.

    Thanks also goes out to jimbo00000 for submitting an excellent demo to November's challenge. Check it out if you haven't and remember to vote.
    Posted by: Godvalve
    Reminder to vote on October's demo submissions.November 1, 2010
    Thanks goes out to jimbo00000 and Mainstream256 for their submissions to October's Demo Challenge. These are two very worthy demos that showcase considerable skill! Voting is now open on October's submissions so head on over to the voting area and vote on your favourite demo. Also, the votes have been tallied for September's Demo Challenge. Since Altourus was the only producer to submit to this challenge, his demo takes first place. Hopefully we see more from Altourus in future challenges.
    The demo framework for the Demo Challenge has been updated to use OpenGL 3.1. The framework demonstrates how to use vertex and fragment shaders. Packages are available for Code::Blocks and Visual Studio. Find out more information about these packages on the Demo Challenge information page.
    Posted by: Godvalve
    Reminder to voteOctober 5, 2010
    Thanks goes out to Altourus for his OpenGL 3.1 demo submission to September's Demo Challenge. Watch the demo if you haven't already and be sure to register your vote for his demo in the voting area. Even though there is only one demo for last month, each demo gets a vote based on multiple criteria and so voting will provide Altourus with some feedback on what you thought about his demo. Hopefully there will be more submissions for October's demo challenge.

    I have recently had a few requests for a tutorial on how to create an OpenGL 3.x context. This tutorial should be online in a few days.
    Posted by: Godvalve
    Status UpdateOctober 3, 2010
    Work continues on the site after a brief hiatus. Several bugs / broken features on the site have been corrected. Most notably, the ability to delete comments and to leave status updates has been restored. Additionally, the Demo Challenge has been fully automated, which means new challenge themes will be automatically displayed for each month and all challenge submissions will be automatically archived. This has been done to ensure that the challenge proceeds predictably and on schedule.

    Work is beginning on a conversation feature for the site. The nature of this conversation feature is analogous to a multi-user chat session on an instant messaging client with full access to the conversation's history. We have decided to develop this feature rather than install a forum. As always, here is a demo example (OpenGL) to keep the creative juices flowing:
    Nuance - Zcareplex MK 5 by Nuance (Breakpoint 2010)
    Posted by: Godvalve
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